An optimistic offering from a legendary ‘old dude’

There was a drought, people were dying, cattle were dying, in the desert. The Shaman said “dig the ditches and the rain will come.”

In this warming home video, Anthony Hopkins delivers a powerful and thought provoking message to the ‘Class of 2020’. Shot during the peak of lockdown restrictions, his words resonate with those of us who are feeling lost right now. Perhaps, like he suggests, we have been putting too much focus on our rational/logical mind to get us out of this illogical situation? Perhaps it is the irrational/subconscious that could do with a little of the spotlight… That may seem crazy but hey, what about 2020 isn’t?

“The rational mind isn’t working too well at the moment, it’s the irrational mind, the subconscious”

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Dancing with Belief

Coincidentally on the day I decide to post about this, today’s daily email from Marketing genius, Seth Godin bears the title ‘Dancing with Belief’ and opens with:


All of us believe things that might be inconsistent, not based on how the real world actually works or not shared by others. That’s what makes us human.

There are some questions we can ask ourselves about our beliefs that might help us create the change we seek:

Is it working?

If your belief is working for you, if it’s helping you navigate a crazy world and find solace, and if it’s not hurting anyone else, it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. Often, beliefs are about finding human connection and a way to tell ourselves about our place in the world, not as an accurate predictive insight as to what’s actually happening. And beliefs are almost always about community, about being part of something.

Is it helpful?…”

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Until next time, all you beauts stay safe, stay connected, peace x

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