Join me as I take us through the basics and benefits of mindfulness set against my latest selections of mindful music to reflect on.

I've received so many messages asking for tips on how to meditate or begin a regular meditation practice. Here's my first Zen Tip recommendation!

The benefits of journaling include stress relief, a stronger immune system, improved quality of sleep, better mental health and even pain relief.

Have you ever thought it would be great to change the way you look at things? Would you like to know how to shift your perspective? These 7 books will help you with that.

Have you flirted with the idea of meditating but never gotten around to it? I did it every day for a month and these were the benefits I experienced.

In this warming home video, Anthony Hopkins delivers a powerful and thought provoking message to the 'Class of 2020'. Shot during the peak of lockdown restrictions, his words resonate with those of us who feel lost right now.

'Afterskool' is a youtube channel which adds quirky images to speech, engaging the brain & breathing life into deep & meaningful messages.

This 4-part documentary from Adam Curtis details how the PR industry was formed to 'manipulate the masses' and keep us under control