Hey, I’m

Nikki Acute.

Artist Manager, Agent & Creator.


Nikki Acute - Cicely 2021


I’m an Artist Manager and Representative, dedicated to helping my clients reach their full potential. What truly fuels my passion is being part of something greater than myself, the ability to contribute to, guide, and ultimately bring to life transformative ideas for my clients.

Through my role at Synchronicity Agency, we cultivate artists, chart out their career paths, nurture their growth, and orchestrate their live shows and tours. I have the privilege of managing the formidable and legendary, Grammy Award Winning Artist, Flowdan, for the past 12 years, who has achieved remarkable success in the charts, receiving Gold status for ‘Baddadan’ and, has become the first Grime artist to be nominated for a Grammy (2024).

With a rich history spanning over 17 years in the music industry, I’ve spent the last 12 years specifically as an Artist Manager, cultivating my expertise and a deep understanding of the industry’s nuances.


Ministry of Sound Radio


I’m a London native who finds immense joy in my current role within the music industry. To understand how I arrived here, let me take you on a journey through my past.

My professional journey has been a dynamic blend of experiences in both the music industry and the corporate world, specifically within the Financial and Property sectors. At the young age of 21, I embarked on an entrepreneurial venture that would profoundly shape my career trajectory.

In 2007, I founded Acute Promotions with a mission to support my exceptionally talented musician friends. I acted as a bridge, connecting their remarkable skills with the gatekeepers of the industry – Event Promoters and Executives. I dedicated myself to promoting them tirelessly, persistently pursuing Promoters until they recognised the talent I championed and booked my friends for their events.

The eight years I spent nurturing Acute Promotions were transformative, both professionally and personally. All of this occurred in a Wendy House at the bottom of my father’s garden, an unlikely setting for such significant growth.

This journey bestowed upon me three invaluable life lessons. First, I discovered my passion for empowering others to reach their full potential, a commitment I carry with me to this day. Second, I realised that networking in a field I’m passionate about comes naturally to me, reinforcing my dedication to pursuing work I love. And third, a promise to myself that when I own my property, a Wendy house at the bottom of the garden is a must.

Subsequent years led me to consult and collaborate with some of the world’s foremost brands in the music industry, wearing multiple hats as an Artist Manager, Booking Agent, Brand Consultant, Radio Presenter, Public Speaker, Curator & Editor, Website Designer, and, proudly, a coffee addict. Balancing these diverse roles, I often joke about needing a business card with fine print.

Parallel to my professional journey, my fascination with self-growth blossomed. Inspired by my tumultuous upbringing and my journey of unlearning, coupled with the profound fulfilment derived from helping others reach their full potential, I embarked on a relentless pursuit of self-improvement. This odyssey has been marked by a deep dive into wellness education, meditation, perspective shifting, mental health practices, personal choice, effective communication, psychology, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and more. These insights have enriched my life immeasurably, fuelling my passion for introducing adaptable and informed wellness and personal growth practices to both clients and the music industry at large.

As I reflect on my journey, I stand humbled by the path I’ve walked and eager to continue empowering others while exploring the limitless possibilities of the music industry..


To enquire about working with me on a Music, Creative or Wellness project please email me at nikkiacute (@)