Zen Tips – Headspace Guide to Meditation: Does it really work?

Want tips on how to meditate or begin a regular meditation practice? Headspace Guide to Meditation is a great way to get started.

Since my post about the benefits I experienced from meditating every day, a few people have reached out for advice. The comments were along the lines of, “I want to start meditating but I don’t know how.” or, “How do you make yourself do it every day?” so I’m writing this post to help as much as I can!

Meditation, and in fact, any type of wellbeing practice is uber personal. Everyone will find their groove by testing things out and discovering, mostly through trial and error, which technique (or several) sticks.

The reason The Zen Den exists is so that I can do my part in helping people become better versions of themselves. So Zen Tips will shine a light on some handy advice and examples of meditation practices amongst other lovely things. If you have any tips to share, please do by contacting me here. I still consider myself a noob to this and sharing is caring <3

Zen Tips: Meditation

My first recommendation for helping your meditation practice along is Headspace Guide to Meditation on Netflix.

Headspace is run by Andy Puddicombe who’s goal is to teach meditation and mindfulness to as many people as possible. After unexpectedly quitting uni to become a Buddhist Monk he spent over 10 years travelling the world with his meditation training. He teamed up with Rich Pearson and created the Headspace brand we know today which is an app, a blog and now, a TV series.

When was the last time you really did nothing?

Andy Puddicombe

Each episode introduces a new technique with easy-to-follow descriptions of how that technique can be used for specific situations. It then ends with a beautifully calming, short, guided meditation catering for beginners and experienced people alike.

Would you like to emotionally react less quickly? Do you want some tips on how to manage stress? These topics and more are covered in bitesize, 20-minute episodes. The combination of fun visuals by Vox Media and Andy’s calming voice work incredibly well to keep you focused and entertained whilst you experience your inner world without distraction.

Why not watch the first episode and see what you think?

Link: Watch Headspace Guide to Meditation on Netflix

I would LOVE to hear about how you get on. Please drop me a message, tweet me or leave a comment below <3

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