I Meditated Every Day for a Month and this is What Happened

On 1st Dec I set myself a meditation challenge.⁠

I have meditated a few times over the years & although I know the extreme benefits from it I never put it into regular practice, and was always hard on myself, convinced I ‘couldn’t do it’.⁠

So, knowing the benefits and getting fed up with lockdown life, on the 1st December I printed out an empty calendar page, stuck it on my wall and promised myself to spend at least 5 minutes each day meditating. The visual prompt of the calendar hung on the wall with little heart stamps when I succeeded, provided the dopamine hit needed on days when I was tired and jheeez it worked. ⁠

I did it! And not only did I do it every day in December, but also in January too and I’m seeing so many benefits from it.

So it’s now part of my daily routine (and if you know me, you know I have always struggled with routine, I prefer… sporadic/spontaneous).⁠

I’ve listed the top 3 benefits I experience below, so if you are like me and you have dabbled in meditation before but never fully committed, maybe try again! I mean, we do have quite a bit of time on our hands at the moment!

Top 3 benefits of meditating every day

1. Increased Creativity

This is a big one for me. Previously, I could never get my brain to visualise things in a guided meditation. You know, ‘you’re walking through a field of flowers’ etc. My brain just couldn’t do it – but now, I can do it and more! During meditation now I end up going off on the wildest adventures into my subconscious without trying and that increase of fluidity in creativity has seeped into my life, I’m so much more productive, creative and inspired now! Which, during this pandemic is an absolute dream. Prior to meditating I was shrouded in doubt and uncertainty which is not a good breeding ground for creativity. Now, my perspective has changed, and feel a creative wave on most days.⁠

2. Self-Respect raised

The act of committing to doing something each day that benefits me, and the practice itself has made me more self assured, composed & collected, I am loving it.⁠

3. Patience

I’d realised that I had become less patient recently. Perhaps it’s something to do with reduced attention span, which I think has happened due to scrolling so much through social media updates and news articles that grab our attention (and emotion) for about 5 seconds before we swipe to the next, rinse and repeat.

So since meditating regularly, I’ve noticed many situations where I would have usually lost patience, and instead, I’ve remained calm.

Not only do I remain calm but I also reflect on that moment very soon after, which has highlighted just how much mental space my meditation practice has helped me create.

There are of course so many more benefits to meditating every day. These 3 are the most obvious ones for me right now, ask me in a month and I’ll probably have a different list!

If you would like more info, take a look at some Science-based benefits of meditation here.

Want any tips/ideas or just a chat about this? Hit me up! Take it from someone who couldn’t sit still for 5 mins before, this is lifechanging and I would be happy to discuss it with you. x


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