Jim Carey: Is reality a simulation?

Jim Carrey has been all over social media news but this time not for his acting, in fact, quite the opposite. It’s his lack of ‘acting’ or rather his shedding of character (ego) that has hit the timelines where he has been sharing his ‘existential discoveries’ in places that perhaps are the most opposing settings for such deep disclosures.

New York Fashion week was the scene he decided to let it all out, throwing out philosophical views and physics theories to explain subtly his understandings of reality toward an unexpecting presenter who didn’t know where to look whilst Jim educated (or scared) her considerably.

On a scale of 1 to 3000, with 3000 being ultimate understanding I’d say I’m at about a 2320 when it comes to Jim’s explanations.

Coincidentally* a few weeks prior to this occurrence I came across an online doc named, ‘Is Reality a Simulation‘ by Quantum Gravity Research group (highly recommend). Within this fascinating doc which lays out both their findings and their future hopes, they explain the ‘tetrahedrons’ Jim speaks of as ‘the smallest possible indivisible building block of all of reality’ and that by learning how to understand and eventually create these tetrahedrons, we could and will change our whole ‘reality’.

The information in Jim’s speeches is not new, it’s not groundbreaking to the Physics or Philosophical worlds, however, he has the platform, the fanbase and the presence to be able to share his awakening with many, many more people than a wordy article in the latest issue of New Scientist is able to reach. And with his voice as a strong part of the chorus amongst many others becoming ‘woke’, I honestly believe we are in for an exciting, somewhat scary but mainly thrilling ride with humanity over the next few years. Buckle up, educate yourselves, keep an open mind, an open heart and open eyes. Things are changing. xxxx


*I have learned to not believe in ‘coincidences’. Each ‘coincidental’ experience no matter how seemingly insignificant at the time has a direct and relevant effect on our present and therefore futures.

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